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Welcome to the Infidels Motorcycle Club website. Slingshot, Founder of the Club, originated the idea of starting the Club while serving as a security contractor in Iraq during his third year in 2006. Within a few short weeks membership had grown to nine members, all security contractors and former military. These Original Nine members reviewed and agreed upon the Mission Statement and Bylaws.

Current chapters are located in Ozark, Alabama; Yuma, Arizona; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, St Petersburg, and Pensacola, Florida; Augusta, Georgia; Oahu, Hawaii; Louisville, Kentucky; Alexandria, Louisiana; Mount Pleasant, Michigan; Long Beach, Mississippi; Las Vegas, Nevada; Fayetteville, Sanford, & Charlotte, North Carolina; Clarksville and Knoxville, Tennessee; San Antonio, Texas; Bowling Green, Virginia; Martinsburg, West Virginia; and Germany

This site is accessible using www.infidelsmc.com, www.infidelsmc.us, and www.originalinfidelsmc.com

Mission Statement

Infidels Motorcycle Club is a veteran formed and based MC for Patriotic Americans and our supporting allies.

Definition of an Infidel: One who doubts or rejects a particular doctrine, system, or principle.

The Infidels MC reject the radical jihadist movement that threatens liberty and freedom around the world. The Infidels MC will support the fight against terrorism as military members, contractors in support of the military, and as patriotic Americans supporting our fighting forces from the homeland.

For those interested in joining our brotherhood or being a supporter, or if you'd like more information regarding the Club you can submit the Contact form from our menu. You will be contacted and advised of the requirements regarding membership and prospecting. We require that you ride American Iron to be a member. We are an independent motorcycle club.

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