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Welcome to the Infidels Motorcycle Club website. Slingshot, Founder of the Club, originated the idea of starting the Club while serving as a security contractor in Iraq during his third year in 2006. Within a few short weeks membership had grown to nine individuals, all security contractors. These Original Nine men reviewed, and agreed upon, the Mission Statement and Bylaws.

Photos in the Photo Gallery are provided by Club members, and have been taken in the U.S., Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our members support our troops stateside, the sandbox, and wherever else is necessary, in the fight against Islamic extremism.

Bearing in mind that we support the war against terrorism, and many of our Club members have and are serving in Iraq and other locations worldwide as either members of the military or as civilian contractors, our political views may not be shared by everyone. If a person is Islamic and conducting terrorist or extremist activities, then that person is an Islamist Extremist or Terrorist. Those who find this terminology offensive are probably bleeding heart liberals who have their heads stuck up their collective asses and living in denial. If you're looking for "political correctness" you're looking in the wrong damn place. We neither support nor tolerate the Jihadist movement and those who support it. If, on the other hand you do support the country's efforts against Islamist extremism, then support your local Infidels MC!

Current Chapters are located in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida (Fort Walton Beach & Panama City), Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina (Fayetteville & Raeford), Tennessee, Texas (Bonham & San Antonio), Virginia, and Wisconsin.

International membership is considered on a case-by-case basis.

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